Bio and CV

Teddy Larue is a French artist who currently lives between France and Germany. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in art and art studies from the University Paris 1 Sorbonne in 2012, and his degree in visual arts with a focus on sound from the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin in Mulhouse in 2015. Teddy Larue’s artworks are based on a critical approach to listening. Since 2013, he has been active in the experimental and electronic music scene, performing throughout Europe.

Currently, Teddy Larue is working on creating live ambisonic sound environments that interpret a digital world within a speculative dystopian future, amidst a state of crisis brought on by climate catastrophe, war, acceleration, alienation, and capitalism. He uses granular synthesis, field recordings, samplers, eurorack, and Max for Live to distort, repeat, and modify sounds beyond recognition. These performances can be played spatially through soundscapes in Ambisonic, Quadraphonic, or Stereo. Teddy’s music is being released on the EZ label under his solo project Nuances d’engrais, and on UNSE Records Paris with his duo Multipolar.



Haute Écoles des Arts du Rhin

Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique Diplôme National d’Arts Plastiques Mulhouse, FR,

Master degree in fine Art, with sound art focus


Studio Zimoun (Intership); Bern, Swiss,  Artist assistant : production, research, and Set up (South Korea, NL, CH)


Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne; Licence Arts et Science de l’art. Paris, FR University Bachelor degree  in Art.

Selected : Exhibition, Performances and Music

2D or 3D audio concert (ambisonic, quadraphonic, surround)
6.23 PQ Quadrennial / Sound Kitchen, Praha (Cz)
10-22 –‘Ecodystopia’ in KOLORIT Die Digitale Düsseldorf (De)

Music Live electronic or experimental
2013-2023  more than 300 concert. (FR, BE, DE, SE, CH, PL,CZ, AT, SK)

03.23 – Hitness Club, Leipzig  (De)

10.22 Punctum_krasovka Praha (Cz)

10.22  kolorit soundkollektiv, Dusseldorf (De)

10.22 SYNCHRONISATION  – Zimmt Leipzig

09-22 – in Einbaumöbel Kulturverein Wien , Austria & T3 Bratislava (At) (Sk)

09.22 Xerox Exotique Frankfurt (De)

08.2022 Aquarium Leipzig (De)

08.2022 Poznan (Pl)

07.22 BORDERLINE Noise festival – Atelier Wolimierz – (Pl)

07-22 – Anachronism t MS Stubnitz and Bremen Schwankhalle, DE

06..22 Snippet Basel with SexToyNoise (Ch) 

04.22 Art no war vo2, with Multipolar in St. Lukaskirche,  Leipzig (De)

07.21 RE:CONNECT  / Werk4 Magdeburg Multipolar (De)

02.20 Zone Zine à La Méandre / Chalon sur Saône (Fr)

02.20 M1T, CLOU and C404 @bliiida / METZ (Fr)

01-20 APO 33, Nantes (Fr)

07-19 Astropolis #25, Manoire de Keroual (Fr)

05-19 Machin Machine #8, Marc OrlanBrest (Fr)

01.19 set-30’ Bunker DIY 10, Nante (Fr)

09-18 123 Royal, Barlok, Bruxelles (Be)

09-18 Cmptrmthmtcs, La Pointe Lafayette, Paris (Fr)

08-18 Concert dispersé, entre Cahors et Cajarc, (Fr)

25.11.17 Rumsteek, Bruxelles (Be)

04-06-17 Rhizom Festival 2017, Rote Fabrik Zurich (Ch)

02-12-16 Lyon Grrrd zero (Fr)

14-12-16 Atelier Etoile, Besançon (Fr)

31-07-14 Cavité synaptique, ODL, Festival Chappel Saint Jean, Mulhouse (Fr)

18-10-13 Urban sound, Haus Fur elektronish Kunste Basel (Ch)

Art and installation
10-22 – Sound performance  for the documentary of Gwendal le Goff, Brest , FR

05-22 – Sound and Light Installation ‘Echoes of the future’ Rubug, (De)

03-20 Sound installations « Schublade »  with Marie Kollek , Festival Longueur d’onde, Brest, (Fr)

06.16 Art Residency – Château Ephémère Media Lab, Carrières sous poissy (Fr)

20/21.03.15 Video projection : Fragments d’écoutes, 30’ and talk  Festival .MOV La Filature Mulhouse (FR)

09.13  Performance Park in progress at City Sonic, Mons, with Donald Abad, Klaus Fruchtnis (Be)
Installation Place assise, Kunstalle, Mulhouse (Fr )

10.13  Installation Ça peut pondre des œufs / Es kann Eier legen, at IAAB, Basel (Ch)

11-31.01.12 Sound installation  Eternal silence and noise, centre d’animation Reuilly, and centre bercy, Paris (Fr)

05.12 Sound installation Imposture(s), Espace des arts sans frontières, Paris. (Fr)

Sounds design, and music creation for shows

2016-2017 Music creation ,  for Contemporary Circus, Clinamen with Olivier Melis, (Fr) end (Be)

2017 Sound work for performance, Romain Tallet, Bruxelles, DE.

09.13  Performance and sound design Park in progress at City Sonic, Mons, with Donald Abad, Klaus Fruchtnis (Be

Workshop and pedagogy

06-23 – Sounds workshop – Museum für Druckkunst, Leipzig (De)

12-22 –  Workshop for Video Sound Postproduction – FreeFilmLab, OPT / Hitnessclub, Leipzig (De)

2015 Video experimentation with kids in the elementary school, Mulhouse (Fr)

2015 Workshop about sound and experimentation for school teacher, Mulhouse (Fr)