Multichannel Audio

Ambisonics is a sophisticated audio recording and reproduction technique designed to capture and reproduce sound in a three-dimensional, spherical space. Ambisonics aims to create a full-sphere immersive audio experience, where sound can come from any direction, including above and below the listener.

Teddy Larue discoveres this field of audio-work namely multichannel diffusions and ambisonic systems. A milestone was his performance for KOLORIT 2022 in Düsseldorf, where he performed the piece ‘Taste of a dream’ in quadraphonic System

2023 Teddy Larue was funded by the KDFS to present his work on ambisonic soundsystems in:

Prague Quadrennial : Sound Kitchen / Envelope Festival in Vilnius / OTTOsonics in Ottensheim / Ground Zero in Lyon.

His ambisonic research involves an electroacoustic approach, distorted field recordings of the existing ecosystem, questioning the artificial boundary between sound and materiality. The music piece enables a journey into a speculative dystopian future, emphasising the interdependence between materiality and transcendence. The project aims to create a new world where the audience can experience a post-human future that has already ended.