Intervening artist

Teddy Larue is offering workshops an artistic interventions in various fields of experimental sound practices and beyond. The topics include field recording, critical listening, musicality of soundscapces, composing, production and postproduction. These workshops cater to both adults and kids, creating an inclusive and dynamic learning environment.

Teddy Larue has extensive experience in conducting these workshops and has collaborated with institutions like Art Schools in France, the Kunstschule Richter in Leipzig as well as the Museum for Druckkunst.

Through these workshops, participants get the opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in the world of sound, developing technical skills and unleashing their creative potential. The workshops can adress both beginners as well as advanced enthusiasts.

• Listening to the environment 
• Fieldrecording
• Composition from audio recordings
• Experimental audio technics
• Electronic music with hardware – drum machine, sampler, effects
• Ableton Live software 
• Audiovisual post-production 
• Sound design for video 
• Audio mastering 
• Light and video set up 
• Sounds and technic for event 

For requests please contact me by E-mail.