Fragments D’écoute

Fragments D’écoute 2014-2015

I use two microphones placed close to my ears. The camera is used as an audio recorder, sometimes placed against me, other times in my bag. I listen to my surroundings. I take notes. At first, listening is vague, indeterminate. Then a coherence emerges from the listening situations collected, refining the research and structuring the project.

During this 5-month period, I became interested in the social stakes of the sound environment. Initially, Les Fragments sonores focused on the intention and attention of everyday listening, and then on the societal uses of sound.
The film deals with the practice of listening, the cultural construction of listening, the development of attentive listening in everyday life, but also the use of sound as territory and the use of sound in environmental control.
Dvd film subtitled 31′, note of intent and bibliography.
Realized between janviers 2014 de février 2015 by Teddy Larue Mémoire de fin d’étude Followed by Louidgi Beltrame and Matthieu Saladin Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin, Mulhouse.