Fieldrecording while taking notice of trash

Fieldrecording while taking notice of trash 2016 –

produced as part of a residency of creation at the chateau éphémère sound and digital factory at Poissy and Carrière Sous Poissy near Paris, november 2016.

I walk, alongside the interurban roads, empty spaces, industrial zones.
In my hands a recording device that I use for taking oral notes of trash I perceive around me.

In this context it is less an inventory as I use the regularity of the trash on my way alongside the road as a recording protocol and composition. If the recording device is put back in his function as dictaphone the interest is focus on that captured in the background for creating a form of sound documentation almost like noise music based on the gesture and usage of the recording device. 

Walking along suburban roads. I heard meowing, and found a wounded kitten. I wrapped it in a festoon, and carried it to an establishment still open on a Sunday. 

project carried out during a residency at Château éphémère, space of sound creation and digital art.