Nuances d’engrais

Teddy Larue is a French artist living between France and Germany, graduated with a master’s degree in art and sound from the Hear. With his solo project Nuances d’engrais, this Leipzig-based artist creates slow deep bass, layers of dark abstract soundscapes, and bright granular sound collages with dancing Idm rhythms and hypnotic drone atmospheres providing an experimental and performative listening set, where the most free and energetic public could dance. He uses a sampler, field recording, granular techniques, generative rhythm, and FX chains in an improvised, live machine performance. With his project, Teddy Larue performs somewhere between DIY festivals, art contexts, and other alternative venues. He has already toured in France, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, and Germany.


Callshop Radio · Nuances d'engrais (Live) 30.11.23